Streamliner Crew

Ron Howe

Ron retired from JPL in Pasadena as an engineer working on High altitude upper atmosphere research. Ron been with the project from almost the start and has count hours on special projects. Back in 60ā€™s Ron did some motorcycle drag racing around southern California.

Terry Kizer

Owner of MR TURBO, he has been with project since 2000 providing the engine work, turbo, and fuel injection systems. Terry has gone to Booneville with the EZ Hook team to tune and help run the bike ever since.

Rick Marsh

Owner of Martronics a company the makes laser leveling equipment for agricultural use.Rick also makes electronic fuel injection control system that is used on the streamliner plus he takes care of all electrical systems on the bike at the salt. Rick also holds a record at El Mirage in a lakester J/GL class.

Gary Richards

Owner of Grid Controls, which makes flow switches and sensors. Gary also has a second company DIXION Heads making aftermarket ā€œLā€ heads for flat head Fords. Gary also has held several motorcycle records in the early 60ā€™s with open bikes and got in the 200 M.P.H. club in 1969 at 229 mph with a motorcycle streamliner he built. Gary is in charge of the parachutes and deployment systems.

Frank Sherrill

Retired from Southern California Water distributions in the Plamdale and ValenciaFrank has been with the project since the beginning back in 1989, 2 years before the bike made its first run. Frank does everything that no one else will do plus takes care of all the at the salt PR, answering questions from on lookers and fans. Frank was an avid off road motorcycle rider and entered many enduros over the years.

Mitchell Howe

Mitch owns a Custom Motorcycle and hot rod business with many great projects to his credit. Mitch can and does a lot of the between run maintenance and can solve most all the unforeseen problems and is a good improviser.