Sam Wheeler: Race to 400MPH (episode 4) – Drivetrain

Sam Wheeler: Race to 400MPH (episode 4) – Drivetrain

Sam Wheeler plans to break the motorcycle land speed record in the summer/fall of 21013 on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The current record is 376.156 MPH set by Mike Akatiff’s Ack Attack in 2010.

Sam feels he will need to go faster than 400 MPH with his EZ HOOK/PARTS UNLIMITED streamliner to take the record. This video is part 4 of a series of videos by IGNITION3 that gives you an inside look at what Sam is doing to his streamliner to be the World’s Fastest Motorcycle.

PARTS UNLIMITED and a very dedicated group of sponsors are making all of this possible for Sam, who has been building streamliners since high school.

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  1. Dunn Voyer says:

    Hi Sam,
    In Dec 2011, I wrote you what I thought was a personal message indicating that I was interested in piloting your streamliner. I posted family history and other personal information and then this Private message was posted on your website without my knowledge or authorization.
    I am asking that you please remove this message asap. I wish you all the best in your efforts at 400 mph. I also wish that my personal message was not posted on your website.
    Thank you and God Speed, Dunn Voyer

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