STREAMLINER.COM is the official site of Sam Wheeler’s motorcycle land speed record program.

Sam Wheeler is a native southern Californian who has been passionate about setting land speed records since his high school days. For 50 years he has been building motorcycle streamliners. In August 2006 at the BUB meet on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Sam took his EZ HOOK liner to over 355 MPH and crashed when his front tire exploded.

He was the underdog participant in the greatest land speed record shootout ever when Denis Manning, Mike Akatiff, and Sam’s EZ HOOK liner broke the record that had stood for 18 years repeatedly. At the end Denis had the world record; Sam had the fastest one way time. SPEED channel with Dave Despain were there to record this piece of history and the show and now DVD, WORLD’S FASTEST MOTORCYCLE, ends with Sam walking away from his liner saying “…..I’ll probably never run it again!”

Sam is back. With the key support of PARTS UNLIMITED and other soon to be announced sponsors, Sam is adding more horsepower and changing all those things that are on his long list.

In this video, Sam lays out his plans. This site will track the progress of his journey to take the world motorcycle speed record

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  1. TURBO KING says:

    Good luck Sam!

    Best wishes in your attempt to be the first to 400 mph!


  2. Dunn Voyer says:

    Hi Sam
    I am a BSME from UCI 1992, a licensed aircraft pilot and professional motorcycle racer with over 39 years of riding expertise. I have raced in the Baja 1000, Vegas to Reno, and Pikes Peak. In addition to my offroad experience I have won a world championship in hill climbing, have raced Grand National Supermoto and have time on road racing tracks. I also have a significant experience on street bikes at very high speed.
    I would be happy to join your effort to go over 400MPH and with my pedigree as a Pilot, Engineer and professional motorcycle racer I am the best rider to pilot your streamliner to over 400 mph. I live in Newport Beach and if you are interested call me at 949 214 5063. My name is Dunn Voyer and I come from a long lineage of motorcycle racers. My grandfather raced into his 80′s and my father is 76 and races and wins nearly every weekend. I am 43 and fit as a fiddle both mentally and physically and I am very cool under pressure and smooth on controls.
    I could assist w engineering and have a very good shot to bring in a big ticket sponsor as well. All the Best, Dunn

  3. Alan says:

    Best wishes Sam; win one for the engineers of the world!

  4. dick holt says:

    Since the ’13 BUB meet is over, successfully for you I hope I would like to offer you my services if you could use them. I am a recently retired machinist (52 years at it) in good health, a bike enthusiast
    (50′s period competition bikes) unlike other “supermen riders” I may not have been the fastest but nobody loved it more or fell down sooner. Any way I live in Westminster, have been involved with many kinds of racing (in fact I met you at Bonneville several years ago and I think I might make a good gopher and would appreciate something with “purpose” to do. If interested you may reach me at
    714 429-0250

  5. Paul says:

    Hi Sam:

    Please let me know your contact information. I have a business proposition for you, which may enable you to finance your other project.


    408 271 6571 ext 1705

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